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The HVAC System Sizing & Analysis

We know that whole-house efficiency depends exclusively on the building envelope and the HVAC system working together in harmony.  Too often, these systems are not matched together resulting in dramatically reduced energy efficiency, early equipment failure, hot/cold spots, too high/low humidity levels, and poor indoor air quality. 

Its important to have the HVAC system sized and matched to the efficiency of the building envelope.  If your building envelope is leaky and inefficient it will require a large HVAC system (and potentially more than one) to handle the load created by the inefficient envelope.

However if you have a super energy efficient building envelope you will want smaller, higher efficiency HVAC equipment to eliminate short-cycling, premature equipment wear, poor energy efficiency performance, and comfort problems.

This is why FoamIt offers HVAC Sizing & Analysis to all our customers so they can be sure they are not spending excess money on over-sized HVAC equipment and getting diminished performance.

FoamIt utilizes REM Design as our in-house HVAC sizing tool and can also offer third-party ACCA Certified Manual J8 and Manual D load calculations and HAVC sizing reports that will give your HVAC contractor an extensive amount of data to use to match your heating & cooling system with your thermal envelope.

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